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Byre Cottage is at the edge of Daddry_Shield, Weardale. In medieval times, Daddry Shield had its ‘pinfold’ for stray animals. Medieval woodland became hunting ground for Prince Bishop from mid-13th Century.

Later valley floor land was leased out to stockmen who cleared the woodland to create meadow and pasture for cattle, deer and sheep. Daddry Shield means summer only farms or ‘shielings’.

The terraced village of Daddry Shield is the product of a population explosion in the early nineteenth century due to the booming of lead mining industry. A characteristic of the local buildings, whether for human or animal habitation, was the tremendously thick walls to withstand the weather, and perhaps to ensure durability. In Pennine dales it was common to have dwelling house and farm buildings in one block, house one end, byre and barns at the other.

Byre cottage was built around this time as a byre for the cows attached to the farmer’s house. In the late 1970’s it was converted into living accommodation.

Under the current owner, the whole building has been completely refurbished for high quality living while keeping many original features.

In November 2016, major repair work was carried out for the front roof. Each stone slate was taken down carefully by the local stonemasons, checked and put back (or replaced when broken). Roof repair



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